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21 gratitudes

home to all of ya'acov & susannah's online Movement Medicine's offerings

Movement medicine membership.

Registration for the STUDY HUB is currently CLOSED.
The Movement Medicine Study Hub is an ongoing learning journey that is crafted to support you to love the one you are, grow into who you can become, and to deepen your consciousness, freedom and connection with life. Study Hub members receive a regular pulse of teachings, dance journeys and much more.
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benefits for study hub members

Monthly classes

Online Movement Medicine classes with Susannah, Ya’Acov and others to nourish mind, body, heart and soul. Including special movement rituals for the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Personal Growth

An ongoing cyclical journey through the 21 Gateways of Movement Medicine, exploring shamanic wisdom, therapeutic understanding and embodied spiritual practice to help you grow.

Time with our elders

Occasional guest sessions with Dr. Eva and Professor Jake Chapman, two of the wisest, kindest and funniest people we have ever met, called ‘Time with Our Elders’.

Live from your living room

Quarterly Live Q&As with Ya'Acov and Susannah to ask questions, share feedback and connect. As we listen to what is needed, we create appropriate structures to support deep inter-connection. 


Visits with Susannah’s wild born “mirror master” ponies and with the Dartmoor landscape through the seasons to help strengthen your own connection with the earth and the elemental intelligence within you.


Together we'll create a supportive community to inspire growth, connection and co-creativity in all directions. Participate in the private 21 Gratitudes Facebook group to connect with fellow members.
Free entry to premium online events and ceremonies.
Exclusive discounts on our online courses and workshops.
Inside access to Ya'Acov and Susannah's most current work.

How it Works

your teachers

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan began teaching Movement as Medicine in 1989. They are two of the most experienced and well-loved teachers of embodied learning through movement practice, are authors of four books, 12 CD’s, and are the founders of The School of Movement Medicine.
"When we began teaching movement online in 2011, we were delighted to discover that people were able to connect to a strong sense of community, connection and deep practice in this way. We’ll be offering practices from Movement Medicine which have been finely honed during our 30 years of teaching. These are designed to support embodied consciousness, healing, connection and ‘love in action’ on the dance floor of life. We are excited to share the harvest of our work through this new membership website. It will offer you the chance to become part of a deep-diving, soul-seeking, world-wide community of connection that will support you to discover more of who you are, dance with whatever life brings, make your offering in these challenging times of awakening as you gain more access to the unique qualities of your own soul."
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Introducing the 21g study hub

Reflections from our members.
Magic medicine available for me any time any where. 
I use it almost every day -
I can’t imagine my life with out the hub in these days!
Efrat Balelty
To study from home this work, in THIS format, is like a dream come true! Whenever I feel I need a good dance and guidance, I can turn the study hub on and there it is, beautifully held and presented, all from the comfort of my own house, such accessible SUPPORT!
Bernadeta Zyla
With the world turned on its head, I have loved showing up each week for simple instruction, steady wisdom, gentle prayer and the reminder of a bigger picture. It has helped me stay grounded. I'm not just dancing, I am moving within a framework that is substantive and intentional. 21 Gratitudes has engaged my attention but also softened my heart, here in this body that is the field of all practice. Thank you.
Julia Doggart
The 21 Gratitudes MM Study Hub is a virtual world of ancient wisdom, broken down into vignettes of practical and easy to digest experiential and somatic lessons, helping me become more aware of my surroundings and navigate safely through the current challenges of modern times. The lessons, ceremonies, events in the Study Hub whether recorded or live stimulate both the soma and the intellect in those who like me are on a deep somatic journey. I can feel in my body the resonance of the shamanic vibratory knowledge through the Darling Khan's offerings. The study hub is where I can be safely guided by the founders while immersed into movement meditation, and where I can write my reflections and share them with a community of dancers from around the world. It has been truly a safe heaven where I can move stagnant energies in my body allowing my nervous system to release, recharge and make space for new experiences during these unprecedented times.
Ingrid Mateos
I began dancing with YaAcov und Susannah Darling Khan in 2001 and have been in intensive training with them since 2010. I am a qualified Movement Medicine teacher ... The Study Hub is a great resource for me to simply reconnect and dance for myself, learn more and also meet a widening community of dancers.
Kristin Glenewinkel
A percentage of the proceeds will go towards protecting forests and planting trees.
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