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See the World Through the Eyes of a Your Very Own Inner Shaman

Our notions of society, economy, community, and even spirituality are undergoing a profound change in these uncertain times. This is causing anxiety and at times overwhelm as we face up to the challenges of a fast-changing world.

But there is help at hand. Deep within you, your Inner Shaman is waiting for your permission to awaken the combined intelligence of the body-heart-mind and the unbroken intelligence of life itself that they already have access to.

This Event is scheduled to begin Monday 29th of March at 19:00 GMT.

A Dream for the Future, A Blessing for Now



In a time when the unknowns of life are pressing in on our everyday sense of self, how do we respond as creatively as we can to the challenges and opportunities of the time? What do we have within us that can keep us resourced and resilient as our old stories come crashing down? How can we avoid the overwhelm that comes from so much fear on the airwaves and be part of opening the doorway to a new chapter for us as individuals, in relationship and as a species learning to live as part of this extraordinary and precious biosphere?

In this evening talk, practice and Q & A, Ya’Acov returns to Alternatives to encourage us to ride on the rhythm of the drum, look past our fears and seek a vision for the future that inspires us to live well today. To dare to dream is what the archetype of the Inner Shaman reminds us. Ya’Acov will guide us on an embodied journey to invite this part of us to awaken and strengthen our sense of what may be possible as we continue to become more conscious of who we are and our effect on each other and the fabric of life itself. 

This event is organised by Alternatives.

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Participation in these webinars is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person's responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being. Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself. All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Ya’Acov, Susannah, all people connected to 21 Gratitudes and to the School of Movement Medicine can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in these webinars.

  1. I understand that Movement Medicine is an activity that involves physical movement.
  2. I have an area to dance in which I have checked is safe.
  3. I have checked the floor and there is nothing I could trip over.
  4. I am fit and well and able to dance.
  5. If my physical condition is restricted in any way, I can and will monitor my own level of movement and activity so that I remain within what is appropriate for my body.
  6. I understand that Movement Medicine may bring emotions to the surface.
  7. I am willing and able to take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing during the online class and after it.
  8. I will listen to my body and my being and respect my own limits during the online activity and afterwards.
  9. I take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health during the webinar and afterwards.
  10. I understand that my participation in any of the online events offered by 21 Gratitudes is for my own personal growth, awareness and empowerment only, and that none of the work offered constitutes a training to offer Movement Medicine to others or to hold space for others in any way.