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Dear Movers & Shakers,

What powerful times to live in. So much changing fast. And so much coming to light that needs our attention if we are to find our way forward to a more just, sustainable and fulfilled world. So many deep feelings rising. So much needing to be acknowledged. And to find our way, we need safe spaces in which we can let the heart move and give everything back to the dance. We have put together a series of resources, many of them free for you to use and share. We are listening as deeply as we can to what is needed from us. And we know how important our own practice is to us in these times. Wishing you and your families good health, safety from harm, and all strength and creativity to move forward step by step.

Ya’Acov & Susannah

The Sound Of Silence


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The (R)-Evolution that is Embodied Listening

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan have been together for 34 years. After more than three decades, as a man and woman, they have made a passionate and fierce peace. The main source of their success has been to learn ways to listen to one anther when all their animal bodies wanted to do was to freeze, run or fight. To celebrate the launch of Susannah Darling Khan’s new course on Embodied Listening, Ya’Acov, her husband and a recognised shaman, will offer this talk, mini-experience and the chance for you to ask your questions over zoom and live on facebook. 

Over the course of our collective human existence, we have been extraordinarily creative in finding a whole host of ways, some of them unconscious, some of them downright cruel, not to listen to one another, to ourselves, nor to the life we share this planet with. The results of this are where we are. Sounds bad right? However, there are signs that we are evolving. We are finding out so much more about what gets in the way of our listening and have developed some fantastic tools, methods and ideas that can help us to feel safe enough to hear ourselves and those who share different perspectives than we do. 

Behind all of these is the the power known as the sound of silence. And the best way Ya’Acov and Susannah have found to experience this power is to reclaim the territory of the body. This gives us the empowerment, the ground and the safety to hear our hearts, to quieten the madness of the ungrounded mind, and to set up the ground for a responsible and responsive revolution of consciousness. Do we dare to imagine a heaven on earth in which we are all free to be who we are and give what we’ve got and pass on the thriving and intact miracle of life that was so generously passed on to us.

Check out Susannah's new online course - Embodied Listening

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Participation in these webinars is fully at the risk and choice of participants. It is each person's responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being. Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself. All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Ya’Acov, Susannah, all people connected to 21 Gratitudes and to the School of Movement Medicine can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in these webinars.

  1. I understand that Movement Medicine is an activity that involves physical movement.
  2. I have an area to dance in which I have checked is safe.
  3. I have checked the floor and there is nothing I could trip over.
  4. I am fit and well and able to dance.
  5. If my physical condition is restricted in any way, I can and will monitor my own level of movement and activity so that I remain within what is appropriate for my body.
  6. I understand that Movement Medicine may bring emotions to the surface.
  7. I am willing and able to take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing during the online class and after it.
  8. I will listen to my body and my being and respect my own limits during the online activity and afterwards.
  9. I take full responsibility for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health during the webinar and afterwards.
  10. I understand that my participation in any of the online events offered by 21 Gratitudes is for my own personal growth, awareness and empowerment only, and that none of the work offered constitutes a training to offer Movement Medicine to others or to hold space for others in any way.