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Tribal Heart Lammas Harvest Ceremony

Saturday 31st of July
19:00 - 22:00 GMT

With Special Guest Reinhard Flatischler

It’s harvest time and we invite you to join us once again to dance deep and lift up our prayers. Our ancestors knew the importance of celebrating the turning seasons of the year and aligning themselves with the cycles of life. We have recognised how important this is in the modern world too and our online ceremonies now have a focus and power. In ceremony through Movement medicine practice, we join hands and intention across the globe to reaffirm our human connection, being present, nourishing the roots of who we are and deepening our knowledge of our place in the circle of life. 

SPECIAL GUEST | For this ceremony, to support us in our work, we will be joined by another Special Guest, Reinhard Flatischler. Reinhard is the founder of the TaKeTiNa rhythm process, which was developed in 1970 and is used in education, therapy and performance worldwide. After he finished his studies at the Musikuni Vienna, he studied with tabla masters in India, played in samba schools at the carnival in Brazil and explored monastic drum rites and shamanic drumming in Korea.

He is also musician and founder of the legendary MegaDrums group, in which he composed for and performed with some of the best percussionists of our time, such as Zakir Hussain, Airto Moreira, Glen Velez, Leonard Eto (KODO), Samulnori and Milton Cardona.

In collaboration with Johnny Bertl, he has created TAKETINA SYMPHONIC – a new style of orchestral music where complex polyrhythms merge with grand melodies and stunning percussion sounds.

CONNECTION | For those who wish, you can have the interactive experience through the zoom link. There will also be an integration session with break-out groups afterwards. For those who wish to be more private, tune into the stream, link top to some good speakers and let's do this and lift up an embodied prayer that echoes through the roots, trunk and branches of the Tree of Life.

TICKETS | We are offering this event on a sliding scale. Tickets are £15-30. A percentage of the profits will go towards the Pachamama Alliance. Please scroll down to book your place.

RECORDING | The recording will be available for you to enjoy for 6 weeks after the event.

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