How frequent are the study hub sessions?

The content of the membership site is as follows:

  • One live MM class each month (recorded and stored in the library).
  • One teaching video / audio each month which will focus on one of the gateways of the MM mandala or one of the practices.
  • Free access to all premium webinars and Tribal Heart events
  • Plus lots of extras along the way…

Movement Medicine is an integrated and embodied way of learning about yourself and your
relationships with the world around you.

Why is there a limited time to purchase the membership?

We have chosen to open the membership registration for a limited amount of time so that we can create a more intimate and welcoming environment for those joining the study hub. This allows us to focus on what's most important which is offering You the best care possible!

When will you open the gates again for membership?

We will open the registration doors for one week later this year (2020). These dates are still to be confirmed. If you are on our waitlist, you will be the first to know.

How will I know when the next registration week is happening?

You can join our waitlist to stay up to date with when the gate is opening next.

How will I know when you go live?

We will send you an email to let you know when the doors open for purchasing your membership. We will also be active on social media, sharing taster sessions and pre-launch events, so stay tuned.  

Will I be able to purchase a membership outside of the registration week?

No unfortunately not. The only time you are able to purchase and register for membership is when the payment gate is open. Once the gates are closed we won't be accepting any more registrations. We won't be able to make any exceptions for late comers, sorry!

Why won't you accept registration after the gate closes?

We've decided to have set registration weeks so that we can whole heartedly welcome you into the study hub, this feels very important for us. Rather than you just trickling in, we have chosen to have clear opening times which also enables us to be present to the current members.

We've decided to not make exceptions for late-comers to create fairness all round. Thanks for your understanding, we know it can be difficult to be told the doors are closed. Stay connected by joining the waitlist and enjoy our growing library of live and recorded webinars.

We look forward to welcoming you into the study hub next time!

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The 21 Gratitudes Team.