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We are committed to this Study Hub being accessible and we acknowledge the real differences of circumstances world-wide; thus offering a variety of pricing options. For those of you for whom £21 per month is beyond your means there are a limited number of sponsored spaces available. Please apply here if you have genuine need.
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Definition of:
*‘Economically and socially excluded people’
People who belong to a vulnerable group in society or who face challenging long -term situations which impact substantially on their economic opportunities.

Such as:
• People who belong to a group which is discriminated against, such as an ethnic minority, or transgendered people.
• People affected economically or socially by trauma eg: sexual violence, torture, childhood abuse, or other major trauma.
• People suffering from a chronic health condition, such as a mental illness
• People recovering from substance addiction
• Ex-offenders

‘Poverty, post disaster or conflict zones’
People living in areas, worldwide, which are economically deprived, or who are exposed to natural or man-made disaster, civil conflict, war or political suppression.

Such as:
• People living in areas of chronic disadvantage and poverty, such as townships, refugee camps, favelas.
• People living in areas in western countries such as rural areas, or inner city/suburb areas where there is a high level of unemployment and economic and social deprivation.
• People from the Palestinian Occupied Territories